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    May 9th, 2013
    Just some newbie questions
    Hi all. I joined this forum about 2 days ago. And, trust me, I have been reading, and... reading....... and reading.............. a n d..... R E A D I N G. Not only have I been reading posts on this site but, I have been reading every "free" affiliate book out there. I think I'm suffering from "information overload" and "impatience". So, I would just like to ask some very general questions that have way too many search results.

    Can someone point me to the absolute beginning of what I should be doing? Kind of like STOP.. don't do anything else until you read this.
    So far, I've joined clickbank and linkshare, have a host, registered a domain name. I even learned how to install and use wordpress. I abandoned my first domain and started a new one.. they're cheap...then, I bought a new domain based on a keyword. I have good content to offer people. I mean, I have a personal interest in what I'm targetting.

    Where are some very recent articles/news about the search engines? Not just google but, bing and the rest, also.
    I have been reading about panda and penguin so much that it makes my eyes itch just thinking about it.

    I would like everything I do to be strictly "whitehat". I want to get views. Selling something is secondary to me. I would rather have visitors than buyers.

    Having said that... I would like visitors... who buy!

    Thank you for reading this long post

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    All that confusion and information overload... sounds about right for this business! You will find yourself delving into new specialities over time... things you didn't even know existed until you search for them.

    If I could make one suggestion, it would be to work on your own site - how far have you gone with Wordpress..? Have you created a blog with niche commentary..? That should be your starting point...

    Get to know your own site stats before reading all about panda & penguin - how many visitors do you have, which pages are the most popular, how are people finding your site? You have to know the answers to these questions . There are so many issues out there, but they only matter to you when they impact your site.

    Build the content up... put together a site that you yourself would enjoy if you found it online. Sprinkle a few affiliates link in, but don't go overboard...

    Stick to the basics for now - all those topics will come up at some point, but you only need to know them when the time comes.
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