Okay, instead of gumming up your intro thread with this request, I figured I'd ask here.

I want to make direct links to specific products. I see that you have a text link #9482466: "Eastwood - For All Your Auto Restoration Needs", for example.

"Advertiser allows URL redirects for this link"

Good there. I have had great success with that.

I go to "Get HTML" and use "Advanced Options" to see that your link is pointing to this URL: "http://www.eastwoodco.com/email/default2.asp?SRCCODE=1CJBAN8&PageName=default"

I see "SRCCODE=1CJBAN8" in the URL and I'm now stumped. I realize that's an internal code you use to check how well a campaign is running.

If I redirect a user to "http://eastwoodco.com/aspfiles/itemdy01.asp?UID=2003022615513145&T1=52021&Dep_Key1=InEx" which is "Trim Removal Set All Three Tools", how does that affect tracking? Will I get still get credit for the sale?

I asked the old AM about a month ago and heard nothing. Two weeks ago, I sent a CJ mail and got a "what's your e-mail address". I sent that and haven't heard back.

Thanks for your help.

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