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4 Steps To Becoming A Great SEO Copywriter

Copywriting and SEO copywriting are two different things.* Obviously both involve the basics: correct spelling, language, grammar, structure, organization, etc. and of course the topic should be relevant and interesting.* However, SEO copywriting takes it one step further.* Writing for the web is completely different because in addition to writing to please target audience members, you also need to keep the search engines in mind so that target audience members will actually be able to find it.

To be a great SEO copywriter, follow these guidelines:

1.* Incorporate keywords into content

The search engine spiders aren’t people, even though they continue to get more and more advanced.* In order for the search engines to think that your content is relevant to a search query, the keywords that people use when searching need to be included in your web content.* Often keywords are included in content naturally but if you aren’t actively thinking about SEO you may noticed that you’ve left them out in key places where they should be included.* The first step is to conduct keyword research to find the keywords that people are using to search for what you have to offer.* Be sure to incorporate these keywords naturally into web content where you can.* Of course, you never want to force keywords into content to sacrifice the “readability” of the content for target audience members.

2.* Add links as appropriate

Links are what tie the web together and are what the search spiders crawl to determine the authority and relevance of web content.* Obviously, content that is written for other mediums don’t include links. However, links are an important component of content on the web.* Links within content do two things.* First, it will improve your link portfolio from a search engine perspective and boost your “link trust.”* Second, links can help to generate traffic back to your site.* If your content is getting shared and linked to, you are missing out on a huge opportunity if that content doesn’t link back to a related page on your website so that readers can click over to learn more.

3.* Look for new opportunities

Online content is important and ideally you want to get content published across the web.* In addition to posting on your own blog, look for guest posting opportunities.* This improves the chances that your content will be seen by target audience members and helps to build your link portfolio.* Once that relationship has been established with another blog owner, maintain the relationship and post on that blog on a regular basis.

4.* Create original content

There’s no doubt that it’s difficult creating quality content on a regular basis.* Many site owners that are looking for quick SEO gains will “scrape” content from other sites.* Some give credit to the original source and others don’t.* Either way, it’s definitely a no-no.* The search algorithms continue to become more advanced.* Search engines will always favor sites that publish original, quality content over the ones that publish duplicate content strictly for SEO purposes.

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