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VMware May Promotion

</p> VMware’s May Promotion

To help you increase your commissions this spring VMware has put together a special offer for affiliate promotion in May: 20% off VMware Fusion 5, 20% off VMware Workstation 9, 25% off VMware Workstation 9 Upgrade, and 30% off VMware Fusion 5 Professional & Upgrade. This offer is available from May 21 @ 12am PST, to May 23 @ 11:59pm PST.

VMware Fusion 5 &ndash; Save 20%!
VMware Fusion 5 has been revamped to take advantage of new technologies only available in Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and the latest Macs to deliver a Windows on Mac experience never seen before. VMware Fusion 5 comes loaded with more than 70 new features including better performance, faster graphics and an enhanced UI geared for productivity.

  • Optimized for Mountain Lion and Windows 8
  • Approved by the Latest Macs
  • Next Generation Performance
  • New Functionalities

VMware Workstation 9 & Upgrade &ndash; Save 25% & 30%!
VMware Workstation 9 continues VMware’s tradition of delivering the virtual hardware that technical professionals deserve and rely on every day. With support for Windows 8, restricted VMs, Open GL support for Linux and a new web interface to access virtual machines, it’s the perfect tool for getting work done.

  • Best in class Windows 8 support
  • Access from almost any device
  • Better 3D graphics

VMware Fusion 5 Professional & Upgrade &ndash; Save 30%!
VMware Fusion 5 Professional comes with all the great features from the standard version plus unique capabilities designed for advanced users and professionals who need to run Windows programs on their Macs.

  • Features for Businesses
  • Features for Professionals

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