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    August 20th, 2012
    How many affiliates does shareasale have?
    I have went to great effort to search for this data.
    Anybody know?

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    Proprietary information?
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    Why does it matter? It's not about quantity. It's about quality. And they have it in excess. I can build a program with 300 affiliates that is better than a program with 3,000.

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    Affiliate networks used to list how many affiliate they have but as Greg said its meaningless. You are better off joining as an affiliate and looking at the stats on competitive programs. I they are all low or zeros then they probably don't perform well for your niche.

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    Like others have pointed out, the number means nothing. Look for the merchants you want to work with and choose a network based on that. The vast majority of affiliates don't convert sales, or don't have any traffic.

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    Maybe Stefaniexxy wanted to know the number of affiliates
    because she'd like to build a competing network?
    Or maybe she represents a merchant?
    I wish she'd come back and give us the details
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