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Earlier this year, 1&1 hosted their annual International Top Affiliate Day in Karlsruhe, Germany. The three day event brought together top performing publishers to get the latest information and trends about web hosting, while networking with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

We caught up with one of the winners: Isaac from, to tell us a bit more about the event.

Congratulations on qualifying for the International 1&1 Top Affiliate Days 2013. First of all, how did it feel to win the competition? What did you think your chances were?

Honestly I did not know I had any chance of winning. When I was told I was selected to be part of the event I was extremely excited. Itís not every day that an opportunity like this happens and I was happy that due to my performance as a 1&1 affiliate, I was chosen to be part of an amazing and unique event. The highlight for me was touring the 1&1 data center, as well as visiting the company headquarters. All in all, the trip was a blast.

Did you have any ambitions for the trip? What did you hope to get out of it?

My main goal for the trip was to learn more about 1&1 Internet. As a large company with a huge international footprint, I was excited to learn more about other 1&1 products and the offerings the company makes not only in the U.S. but on an international level. The more I learn about new 1&1 products and services, the easier it is to promote as a publisher.

What attracted you to the 1&1 affiliate program?

The huge portfolio of products the company offers as well as 1&1 being recognizable as a worldwide brand made it very attractive to become a 1&1 affiliate partner.

How important is the role Affiliate Window plays in helping facilitating direct relationships with your key partners?

Affiliate Window makes it great to communicate with new partners, as well as stay on top of the latest promotions and incentives that top brands such as 1&1 offer to their affiliates. The network is helpful when I want to learn more about what products and services are converting and what products match my business, and suit the sectors in the niche I am in. The reporting suite within Affiliate Windowís interface is really intuitive and is fantastic for giving a quick snapshot of how Iím performing on the programs Iím promoting.

Can you tell us a bit more about your promotional planning in regards to key advertisers and how it reflects your overall online strategy?

While In Germany, I learned more about 1&1ís current and upcoming products. Once home, I used my newly gained knowledge to formulate an effective strategy to help promote these products efficiently. I plan on launching new media buys and doing more SEO campaigns this year to help drive more leads and sales to the products that I promote.

How do you envisage your publisher program progressing on the network?

I am now armed with more knowledge about the 1&1 program as a whole. This was possible due in part to the fact that we were given the opportunity to speak with the product managers themselves during the trip. I believe this yearís performance will be the highest yet. I envision my program performance with 1&1 to grow as Iím able to invest additional revenue into growing campaigns in a variety of mediums.

If youíd like to speak to someone about joining the 1&1 Internet affiliate program on Affiliate Window, please e-mail