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    Legal obligations of starting my own affiliate program - Merchant
    I have an online digital services business that I would like to start an affiliate program for. Not one with unique links to my website but rather just have a few businesses recommend their clients to me for which I will pay them a percentage of what their clients pay me. How I will keep track of whos references, I have not decided entirely yet. If that will be that the client will simply tell me that they were referred, the affiliate tell me they referred them, or have some unique form of communication that the client uses to communicate with me that only that affiliate knows about (i.e a unique phone number or email address just for that affiliate).

    My question being is there any laws that I need to be aware of before I start contacting businesses to ask them if they would like to be affiliates for my firm? Legal obligations after setting up those affiliates? Any alternatives to what I mentioned in my first paragraph that I could do instead? Trust me ive heard the whole get a lawyer shindig but I do not have the means to be able to do that right now and would just like to get some general answers from experienced people in this area. I plan on getting an attorney in the future.

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    I think everyone is cautious about giving legal advice, as am I, since I'm not an attorney.

    That said, perhaps see if you can find any of the agreements between networks and merchants. Perhaps that might give you some sense of requirements and obligations. Agreements between networks and affiliates are readily available during the sign-up process, which may also prove useful.
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    Sounds like you are looking for lead generation (lead gen) as you are not looking to drive a consumer to your site. Try researching and talking to firms that do lead gen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    Sounds like you are looking for lead generation (lead gen) as you are not looking to drive a consumer to your site. Try researching and talking to firms that do lead gen.
    Awesome! Thanks this is really helpful.

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