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    This is Kathy Jean. I've been trying to teach myself how to market with affiliate programs by reading all I can, but there is a tremendous learning curb! I've been paying an SEO company to get more traffic that has helped.

    So you see, I have a lot to learn...

    I've been working with a few affiliate programs and have made very little money. I know you can't just stick up banners and expect visitors to click on them! My question is - Are there good versus bad affiliate programs out there?

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    Hi Kathy Jean, and welcome to ABW!

    What types of programs have you been promoting? Sorry to say, not all SEO companies are created equal, so you may not be getting full value for your money. There are good and bad affiliate programs - that's where you want to look at things like their conversion rate, cookie length, reversal rate, EPC, etc, to ensure that you are promoting a solid performer. Virtually all of the networks share that type of information about their programs, which should help you tremendously.

    It is more than just placing banners - editorial support of those banners, with text links, can greatly improve your conversin rate.

    Hope that helps!

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    You may be getting traffic but is it targeted traffic, ie relevant to your product?

    Take care with this type of service which often promises the earth but only succeeds in emptying your pocket.

    Best wishes.
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    You should seriously consider micro niche blogging. The real online profit lies in micro niche blogs.

    You can start profiting very quickly and you would begin to imagine whatís going on. Since I started targeting the micro sectors in popular niches, itís been a total success.

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