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    Hi there Avantlink staff, I notice a lot of links and promotions for Avantlink merchants expire on 12/31/2037 or way out in the future. That is about 24 years from now. I wonder how many of us will still be in affiliate marketing then? I wonder how many of those products and promotions will still be available in 2037?

    I'm a huge fan of expiry dates and have pushed a lot of networks to change their system to accommodate them as it helps us to organize things better BUT I see little point of including an expiry date for more than a year and especially over 20 years, that is pointless.

    Please do away with these expiry dates that have no use and just allow merchants to either expire at a maximum in one or one & a half years or have no expiry date at all. If there is no intention to expire the promotion then it's better to let affiliates expire them ourselves when we clean up our websites regularly. If I see a promotion over a couple of years I usually delete in and put fresh ones up anyway.

    In fact, if this is not changed from the network end I will be deleting all expiry dates that have more than 1.5 years on them automatically in the future.

    I should also copy and paste this thread to some other networks boards as well in the future.
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    That year displays when a merchants selects no expiration date for the ad unit. Will see what we can do.. GM

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    Quote Originally Posted by glittered View Post
    ...or have no expiry date at all.
    They probably need to set a date because of sorting. If they set it to null or empty in the database, when they sort by date, the promos that would have no expiration date would display first, before the ones that expire today. They must be setting a future date to prevent that. Why 2037? See Year 2038 problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Yeah I rather have it 2037 , way more than null or empty for sorting. Also, some datafeeds have it as 00/00/0000 which is the worst for sorting.

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