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    An observation regarding termination from program
    Termination (without prior communication) axiom:

    1) If you are terminated from an affiliate program and that happens on the last day of the month and you haven't heard anything, more than likely they are closing down their affiliate program and there is a good chance you'll see them on another network. They probably also fired their affiliate management company too.

    2) If the termination happens most other times but more than likely near beginning of the month, they have probably decided to downsize their program by removing a certain group of affiliates, i.e. couponers, ppc affiliates or those with 'low' sales, etc.

    3) Other times, there is something about what you are doing they don't like. You should probably check you commissions.
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    4) Or, wait a few days/weeks and you will receive their program reactivated emails.

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    I wonder when we will finally see a network to pay a developer for a few hours to have a checkbox so the AM can put in a reason i.e :

    Reason for Termination:

    # Moving Program Elsewhere
    # Closing Affiliate Program
    # Going in House
    # Deleting All Affiliates with no sales
    # Deleting All Affiliates with no "Recent" sales
    # AM wants to impress Boss with Stats
    # other.....
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