New members are always asking: what's the best hosting?
Web Designer magazine has an excellent article with
multiple points to consider with the prime point of speed.

Here are some important questions to ask, but be sure to read
the entire article:

1. Make sure theyíre available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support you. Accept nothing less Ė time is money, after all!
2. Find out a hostís SLA (Service Level Agreement). This is a contract detailing exactly what support you can expect and who takes care of what.
3. Ask which packages your host offers and donít pay over the odds for levels of hosting you simply donít need.
4. Check that your host has robust measures in place for backing up your data.
5. Ensure that any downtime maintenance is kept to a minimum and ascertain exactly how youíll be compensated if your site is down.

Source: Why bad hosting can ruin your site | Opinion | Web Designer
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