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    Free content not be random writers?
    Hello - I have a business website where I want to add articles of interest but do not want to use just any blog writer's content in free sites like, and just headlines like

    Any suggestions?

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    So you want to add content to your site but you don't want to write it yourself?

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    You're setting yourself up for Google Panda .. for more information, do a search for "duplicate content penalty"

    If it's on your site, write it yourself.. or pay someone to write a unique article.

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    Danette, have you considered asking a college business class for submissions? I know I had to write essays and reports constantly, and you might find a lot of useful articles rather inexpensively. If you contact the instructor, he/she might even make it an assignment. In one of my marketing classes our "Agency" assignment was to create a complete marketing plan for print, TV, radio and website (including all creatives) for real businesses. Some of them were used - I didn't care because I got an "A" in the class.

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    Never use free content on your website, you gonna kill it. Better write it yourself or hire a writer, at least find yourself a high quality PLR membership site to join and get good content to rewrite.

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