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    Can you build a site focusing on reviewing one particular brand?
    I was thinking of building a site solely focusing on reviewing one brand of product that I really love. Is it legit if I do so?
    And can I name the domain ?
    Will I have trouble later on for doing this?

    P.S: I already contacted the company asking for permission, I don't know if this was a wise move or not.

    Thank you!

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    Asking for permission from said company was the right move imho. If they are cool with the idea, go for it since you are passionate about the product (it will be easier to write about/promote the goods).

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    June 12th, 2013
    Thank you! Unfortunately the company only gave me automated response in which they simply told me that they no longer accept sponsorship this year (which had nothing to do with my original question to them).

    One other concern of mine is that reviewing is alright as long as the reviewer is affiliated with the brand. Well the brand itself doesn't offer a direct affiliate program, but Amazon is one of the official sellers and I'm going to be linking the products there. Is it allowed?

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    You will eventually be shutdown. If you think you don't mind losing the domain and the content and the seo, you can do it for the short term gains. Make a few hundred dollars or more when it lasts. Once you start coming up in the SERPs, you will be shut down.

    Also a canned response from a merchant doesn't invoke a lot of confidence about the merchant, does it.

    A better approach is to target the niche not the brand. It's better to develop a site about SLR cameras than just SONY slr cameras.

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    Build a site on a type of product reviewing related brands.
    You won't rely on just one brand and/or one supplier.

    I wouldn't put a brand's trademarked trade name into my domain.
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    I'd be more broad minded as well, building on one brand is a short term play, but if you work your domains wrong without considering trademarks, etc., you're setting yourself up for trouble. Build on a niche, use a domain with a more generic term that covers the category of products and not just one brand, and work a little "compare and contrast" angle with the products in the space... you'll commission regardless of which product people choose.
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    Thank you everyone! I know talking about a niche is better than talking about a brand, but I do happen to only have interest and sufficient knowledge about this particular brand (yes, madly in love with it). I'll go find something else to work around.

    Once again thanks!

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