I am a member of shareasale. And i am working very good with them. As on 20th i have seen that they sent payment to my bank account also.But after that day when i wanted to promote it i saw that my account was put on hold or i get message as

"Your account has been suspended either for violation of the Terms of Service, or due to your removal of all contact information in your account - and will not return."

I havent used any misleading promoting methods as i am a very experienced affilliate from past 4 years.I know many rules.Only thing i did is i asked them to change my email id which i am not using for any purpose and i also closed that domain.(i was no longer able to access). So i requested them to change my contact email id to new from support center. Thats it the very next day i go this message.I have spent lot of money for seo and i have planned 20000$ to promote my website after my confirmation with this company.

I have tried contacting Brian and phone but no response..

I request Brian Please help me get rid of this problem. I want to work with you and your company.You Grow and We grow with you Please