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    Finding Affiliates
    What's the best way to find affiliates looking to drive traffic?

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    Hi Brett, and welcome to ABW.

    If you are looking to recruit affiliate marketers to use your service (as opposed to promoting an affiliate program for your service), then I would suggest you drastically reduce your minimum $1,000 deposit. Some affiliates may be willing to give your outfit a try, but NOT at that high a trial cost.

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    8,266 address on the website (that I could find) and a "hidden" domain registration and you want folks to send you a thousand bucks to open an account? No thanks.
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    Hi guys,

    I thought we weren't supposed to post web sites. Future Ads has been in business since 2001. The Trafficvance ad platform since 2005. Add .com to both and you will find the sites.

    We work with over 2,000 advertisers. Also, the $1,000 is the minimum investment but if for some reason you don't get results, we refund the remaining balance.

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    Seems like Trafficvance has some history on ABestWeb:

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    Guess it's all where you look and what you want to find.

    While we do not participate in PPV, TV actually has some good reviews out there. Appears to mainly be used by lead gen folks...
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