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    Lightbulb Geometry enhancing websites
    Everyone wants a website that stands out and drives traffic

    Often asked question especially from newbies: can you provide
    an example of a site that will stand out and drive traffic?

    Answer: You really need to study some elements of design and consumer/visitor behavioral psychology. Also look up "online funnel marketing." In some posts templates and tutorials might be suggested (look here and in other sub forums of Abestweb) but you have to figure out the creative touch so that your site will stand out and drive traffic

    Here are examples of how webmasters used geometrical shapes to make
    their website interesting. These sites are not meant for you to copy, just check them out and be inspired to figure out how you could utilize geometric shapes in your website:

    The link is from Speckyboy Design Magazine no affiliate links are
    shown, it is NOT an affiliate site so displaying this url is okay

    20 Websites with Original, Non-Standard Geometry
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    Thanks so much for this Rhia. Such talent and creativity there. Looking at those designs helps me -ahem-"define my vision" lol. But that's part of the game!

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    I like the Poncho 8 site.

    However, when I think of Mexican Food, errr any cuisine, I don't think of the UK ROFL...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    What, no soggy peas??

    A while ago I saw a bunch of cool sites posted somewhere-it might have been Behance, I can't remember. There was a neat site for a school that used bottle caps as menu buttons. There are so many possibilities. I hope my feeble brain can absorb all this stuff haha.

    In any case, I wouldn't mind a Guinness right now

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