Hey everybody! I've been lurking on this site for years, reading and learning all I could.

Let me explain my situation to give you a better understanding of what i'm looking for.

I'm working with the owner of an all-natural vehicle detailer and I am setting up an affiliate network for him. I need to be able to create links / refferal IDs to bring people to our shop & pay distributors / advertisers for sales. So basically we just need software to organize and manage this in a user-friendly way ( I do know basic coding, but would prefer something easy to use).

Please, if you have any suggestions let me know why you would go with them in my situation. I am considering Hasoffers, although it starts at $280 a month and I don't think we'll need something that high-scale right off the bat.

Also, is there anything I should know in order to create affiliate offers for this product on websites such as odigger.com?