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    Getting credit for my own orders?
    I remember reading years ago-- Amazon Associates did not get credit for their own sales. In one case-- an order was negated when it was realized it was my order - and what I expected. But this was over a year ago.

    Recently, though I have a lot of traffic-- I have had 6 orders [amazon associates stats]-- coincident with my own. Amazon no longer nulls Associates sales-- or is it possible-- someone ordered when I did?

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    Hmmmm, I think it's better to play it safe and contact amazon and make them aware this is happening.

    If its just a coincidence then you have nothing to worry about, however if they are your own orders being credited to you by mistake, they may notice this and ban your account, then you have lost your entire affiliate account.

    Take it from a full time affiliate, it always pays to be a little bit of a brown noser because if you lose your account. You have lost your living!

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