is super excited to tell everyone that we have launched on the Shareasale Network! Buildium software is used to manage more than 500,000 residential units in 31 countries worldwide. Our Idea Exchange forum gives every customer a voice, with feedback directly driving new features and enhancements to our software. It's a major reason why we're able to keep our customers so happy.

What sets them apart?
1. Sell something people want:
OK. We admit it. Most people donít get excited about property management software. Maybe itís because their software looks like it was written before Microsoft hired the Rolling Stones to announce Windows 95 or maybe itís because theyíre tired of software issues. Whatever the reason, more people are looking for online property management software and more people are choosing Buildium.
2. Earn more money:
Forget about those other affiliate programs that only pay you a few dollars per lead. With Buildium, you'll get paid for qualified leads plus you'll earn <strong>25% in recurring commissions</strong> for each monthly subscription that comes from your website. With monthly plans at $124.99 per month and more, things just got a lot more interesting.
3. Easy setup:
We sign customers up and handle all of the customer service. All you need to do is place Buildium-approved links and banners on your website. When customers come to us from your website, we <strong>pay you for the lead and the sale</strong>. You can even track your sales and commissions whenever you want. Itís that simple.
4. Anyone can apply:
Anyone with a website and an interest in offering property management software can apply. Please note while anyone can apply, we look for affiliates that will actively sell our software and have websites or blogs that are relevant to our customers. Examples include sites about real estate, real estate investing or property management.

Program Details:
Commission Rate: 25% per sale / $10 per lead
Cookie Duration: 60 days

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