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    July 12th, 2013
    General affiliate marketing question
    How do I get started with affiliate marketing if I am a complete newbie?

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    July 10th, 2013
    Hi, if you like you can add me on skype and i would be happy to talk you through the basic steps ?

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    Welcome, techfellas!

    You've come to a great place to start. Begin by reading lots of threads here on ABW. Learn the language. Learn the choices of website designs and approaches. Learn the strengths and pitfalls of each merchant and network.

    There will be hundreds of different people offering to sell you a "guaranteed" way to "earn thousands of dollars overnight" online by following their program. I call them the "big check guys". Don't even think about anything like that until you've done your homework and learned all you can, because you'll just lose your money. You can't truly evaluate their offers until you have a strong foundation, and chances are by then you won't need them, cause you'll know what you want to do.

    Hope that helps.

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    We do not train you here and its obvious you have not started reading. Once you have done your homework come back with questions. There are several experts advertising here if you open your eyes.

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