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    Is this anti competitive behaviour?
    I am still new and I am not sure I can post the websites, but it is just a question in principle.

    There is this website, lets call it website A, which is flight price comparison website. It works with many online travel agencies, lets call them website B, website C, website D, etc.

    Website A is comparing the prices between all agencies and shows the lowest one, which is good for the end customer. So far so good. Due to some geographical restrictions I am unable to join website A affiliate program, even though the website has a presence in my country. What I can do is join the program of website B, C, D. Usually website B is constantly leader in lowest price, so it should work OK for me.

    However, It seems that website A is pretty powerful, so to get their offers on top, websites B,C,D offer lower prices when you use their website through website A then accessing their website directly! What I mean is that if you search for flight on website A it will show:
    Website B: $120
    Website C: $130
    Website D: $140
    You click on the link and can purchase the flight from website B for $120. However if you open directly without going through website A the price is $125.

    My question is, isn't this pretty bad example of anti competitive behaviour? If I offer the program of website B, my visitors will see $125 and they will rather book through website A and there is no way for me to fight that.

    I want to be honest with my visitors and offer them lowest price, but I cannot tell them, "hey, don't book through me, go with website A, even though I don't get income from them". At the same time I don't want to lie to them when there is cheaper place to book the flight...

    It kinda reminds me of this example: When the affiliate marketing community turns on a travel company | Tnooz
    It looks the same to me, just with the opposite sign - instead of charging affiliates more, you give discount to only one affiliate and the rest are disadvantaged.
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    It could also be that the site A is geo targeting customers by location and offering the price by where they are. Where the others may not have said software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Lawrence View Post
    It could also be that the site A is geo targeting customers by location and offering the price by where they are. Where the others may not have said software.
    It most certainly is, but it is irrelevant to the discussion. The point is that booking through site A is cheaper then booking directly with site B. So there is no way for other affiliates of site B to compete with site A.

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