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    Anyone have any experience with FlexOffers??
    Hey all!

    I've been doing affiliate marketing since 1997, but had to take several years off due to a back injury. As a result of my inactivity, I was dropped from a lot of the merchants I'd worked with in the past and haven't been able to get re-approved to some of them through CJ and Linkshare. I've discovered that a lot of these merchants are also on (as well as many other big name sites) and that it's MUCH easier to get approved on there.

    Being as I've only recently discovered FlexOffers and that a search of ABW doesn't provide much info at all, I'm a little wary of whether or not they operate a legit network.

    I would very much appreciate any feedback that anyone could provide about their experiences with FlexOffers!!!

    Thanks so much in advance!!

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    can tell you only that i have been in the biz as long as you - my main income stream since 2000 - i applied to them because i saw they had in their menu of merchants, a few months back - last week (several weeks after i applied - i got a canned "decline" response. i also couldn't find too much about them nor did i have any success in contacting them direct.

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    Thanks, Abigail.

    How is it that they have partnerships with so many of the big merchants, yet there is very little info to be found about them in the affiliate marketing world?

    Can anyone else add some insight here?

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    Some merchants will work with a CPA network for additional promotion. In a CPA network I am talking about single offer networks which are also ripe with all kinds of black hat affiliates, adware, etc. I suggest picking up the phone and calling them to ask the same questions.

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    I have been with flexoffers for over a year now.

    I got attracted to them because of their offers from big companies ( shoes, walmart, ...) most of these advertisers where hard to get acceptance from.

    I believe the way they work, they are sub affiliate network ( they join these big companies as an affiliate themselves and you become an affiliate under them. They getting a cut of the commission of course.

    If you just starting as an affiliate, flexoffers is not bad place to start, however, there are couple of things I didn't like about their network :

    - Speed of browsing : their website takes longer than usual to move from one tab to another.
    - Reporting : Didn't really like their report function, is not easy to use.
    - Expired offers : unlike other networks, you need to keep checking the links on your website, if a link expired user will not be able to visit that website.
    - Late Tracking, because flexoffers are sub affiliate they taking longer time to report, the worst part is they doing it manually which mean you need to wait at least 24 hour after the sale show up in the original network before you can see it on flexoffers ( in holidays will take way longer ) and any sale takeplace in weekend will not show up until the end of next business day.

    With all of that criticism I would still recommend the network if you looking for offers and you can't join them directly and this is why :

    - They are legitimate : You will get paid ( this always matter lol )
    - Customer Support : I had couple of sale tracking issues, and they worked with me to resolve it, you can reach them by phone as well.
    - Big Brand Name Companies are not interested in someone newbie who is not making much sale to join their network, FlexOffers would pay attention to you.

    With that being said, there is very few offers I am still pormoting for them, once I join the original affiliate program, I usually move on from flexoffers.

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    From a merchant view point, I'm not a fan of Flex Offers. Several affiliates who were removed from our program/s went straight to Flex Offers to join our program which annoys me. We just kicked them out last week.


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