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    Datafeed Format Discrepencies
    So first off, I truly appreciate what Impact Radius has done with their datafeed formats, in that they allow merchants to submit feeds that are used for other shopping engines. This is brilliant and I wish all networks did the same.

    We were recently talking about unnecessarily sparse datafeeds due to format issues here:

    I've just seen the same issue on Impact Radius for "Chefs Catalog". I think the Impact Radius converter that goes from "" to the internal IR format has issues. Specifically, Chef's has Manufacturer Part Numbers in their feed, but the IR internal feed format is missing this data. I assume this is because has defined the MPN column as MPN/ISBN for some unknown reason.

    Anyway, IR should be able to propagate this value to their internal format fairly easily. ISBN numbers are 10 or 13 digits in length and can be validated with checksums. This will give you the info necessary to determine what column MPN/ISBN values should land.

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    Thanks for the feedback - we will look into this and see what we can do to resolve it.
    Todd Crawford
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    Give me a minute before I post again

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