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Music and Video Software 50% Discount Coupon & High Commisions

Music and Video Software 50% Discount Coupon & high Commissions</p> Dear Affiliate,

to enhance our prosperous Audials affiliate program we are offering a very special group of affiliates a 50% discount on our famous flagship product Audials One 10.

We are the manufacturer of the well-known and very successful Audials entertainment software range for music and video fans with millions of satisfied users in the whole world. Together, we can establish a very successful affiliate partnership and generate a lot of sales with our fabulous software products! Become an Audials Affiliate with Special Conditions

To give you the best possible start as an Audials affiliate we offer you a 50% discount coupon on our flagship product Audials One 10 in the time from August till September 2013.Just log in and click here to search for the following creativeID in the Audials program on oND: 580090 (“New Affiliates: Audials One 10, 50% Discount!”)</p> Additionally to the standard commission of 35% your commission will be raised based on your initial performance. Thus the more sales you generate, the higher your commission will be:

  • 100 Sales – 40% commission
  • 200 sales – 45% commission
  • 300 sales – 50% commission

We hope to welcome you soon as an affiliate to our Audials program and are ready and willing to respond to your needs at any time at</p> Happy Selling,
Your Audials Sales Team

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