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    Launching an affiliate program for A Reward Website
    hi everyone,

    I own a cash back website, and I have been considering for a while now launching an affiliate program for it.

    However, I am not sure if that is a good idea because the program will have to be pay per lead ( i for once never promoted a pay per lead program, so not sure if that is much of a good idea ).

    One more thing , I am wondering about at this point, if started a pay per lead program, what would be fair pay per lead commission.

    Would highly appreciate your thoughts.

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    OPM and Moderator Chuck Hamrick's Avatar
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    Do your research and see what the others are doing, check the top networks.

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    Affiliate Network Rep JCrooks - AffiliateWindow's Avatar
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    I do know of at least one program doing something like that, so yes, Chuck is right. Check the top networks and you'll see what they are doing. The payout isn't huge, but the sign-up threshold isn't too tough either.

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    ShareASale President/CEO and ABW Veteran Brian - ShareASale's Avatar
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    Just as an aside, you don't necessarily *need* to do a lead program. Leads, as one might imagine, carry an abuse/fraud risk. You may want to consider instead paying out when an individual member takes some action on your site (as opposed to just signing up).

    For example:

    • Pay when the new member generates their first "reward"
    • Pay when the member gets to a certain reward level
    • Pay when the member validates/takes some action on your site...

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    Chuck, I actually got the idea when I saw a similar site in my niche doing so ( yet the website is UK ).

    They offer 0.50 GBP per lead according to the network their conversation rate is only : 4.41% which doesn't sounds promising ( JCrooks I found them on AW).

    I saw another program a while ago on shareasale ( i guess they were offering $0.5 or $1) but since I can't see the program any more, I would guess they didn't make it

    most of the other cash back websites do in house affiliate ( more likely refer friend program ) some like ebates offer $5 sign up or $10 gift card. Mrrebates offer 25% of all purchase by your referral for life (awesome for affiliate by a bad idea on the long run to stay competitive). Yet, I don't count the in house ( refer a friend ).

    Brian, I currently do have refer a friend program ( where payment for referral only after the referred person make at least one confirmed purchase. I used to pay $5 per referral and I have people who referring themselves . I am currently paying $5 per referral, which is acceptable for what I hope a long term member ).

    My target was to launch a different type of program on one of the affiliate network ( it add a level of trust for affiliates, and i believe there is better chance in driving traffic ) since the program get more exposure.

    The problem, I don't think I can do something similar (pay only for verified referral who made at least one purchase over an affiliate network. Pay per lead has a lot of risk, but i guess with appropriate acceptance of affiliates shouldn't be so risky.

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