Wow, it's still a much bigger difference in the exchange rates between the two networks that it really could be a deal breaker when you pick which network to promote merchants.

I actually wrote about ShareASale's rip off exchange rate many years ago and guess what NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

As I live in Australia then my income from these US companies will be converted from US currency to local Australian currency as it will for other international affiliates based from countries outside the USA.

Let me show you some numbers:

The current official exchange rate is somewhere around .92 Australian to $1 US. It has been at the number for over 2 weeks and only fluctuating marginally.

On the 24th of July ShareAsale transferred money to my account at a rate of: 0.960588

Compared to money transferred from CJ to my account on the 22nd of July at a rate of: 0.905386. At most there would have been a .1c fluctuation so something is seriously wrong here with ShareASale!

Yeah you read it right folks, that is a whopping .6c I lose to ShareAshare's greedy account bankers.

That might not seem much on the surface to some but lets take a look at some numbers as examples.

At 0.905386 (CJ)

$100 - $110.45
$500 - $552.25
$1000 - $1,104.50
$5000 - $5,522.51
$10,000 - $11,045.01
$50,000 - $55,225.06
$100,000 - $110,450.13

At 0.960588 (ShareASale)

$100 - $104.10
$500 - $520.51
$1000 - $1,041.03
$5000 - $5,205.15
$10,000 - $10,410.29
$50,000 - $52,051.45
$100,000 - $104,102.90

You really start to see the huge difference around the $1,000 mark at a loss of around $50 if you use ShareAsale on your commissions. At $10,000 then you are giving ShareShares greedy bankers a nice chunk of your hard earned commissions of over $500. Don't forget you have to pay your expanses, taxes etc after you even get what ShareAsales bankers will give you after they take their cut.

Something to think about. Maybe Brian should consider how much affiliates like me are losing and consider using a bank as good as CJ's but several years on it seems it's not important right?????.