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    Extended lock dates
    Where can I find information on Shareasale, regarding the lock dates or locking periods, for specific merchants? Brian said way back in 2009, that it should be part of the merchant information available to affiliates. I suspect abusive behavior from two of my merchants. They have extended the lock dates for specific transactions from the 20th of the following month, to 60 and 90 days. Can two different transactions from the same merchant have different lock dates?

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    Two different lock dates would be unusual, but I could see it perhaps happening if one item was a dropship from an international supplier, or maybe was a custom item that needed longer production time. IN those cases, it could take longer to get the item to the customer, and I could see the merchant extending the lock period to ensure the customer wouldnt return the time after the transaction had already been locked.
    I personally have not heard of extending lock periods for those types of situations, but I could see where it could be justified.

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    The best thing to do would be to

    1. Contact the Merchant for an explanation and ...
    2. Contact ShareASale through the Help Ticket System if you feel that you do not receive a response which is satisfactory from the Merchant.

    With little detail, it is really hard to help here other than suggest that course of action.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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