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    Website too local for affiliate?
    As noted in the welcome pages, I am putting together my first webpage with weebly (I am not sure weather this is the right host, but that's another question).
    I am setting up a small part time plant nursery and the first aim of the webpage is to provide customers information about plants that I don't have to print it out and save costs. Second I want to provide a list which is available, so people can see in advance that I have more than just parsley and basil.
    I thought it would be nice to offer some more information and weebly has a blog in the webpage. I can add articles about my garden activities and projects and there would be feedback.
    As I like books, I thought of Amazon.
    But the target region, were I will sell the plants has only around 24K inhabitants. Everything around has a different climate.
    Is my website project too local for making any money from Amazon?

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    every Web site has potentially an international audience. perhaps careful design will draw local sales and some 3rd party via

    you might consider affiliating with merchants offering garden chemicals and tools you don't currently provide.

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    Well said, Herb. To expand on that, if you want to reach a larger audience, and possibly make more money, write how-to articles that tell readers how to do things in general, using your local climate as an example rather than the focus. Then the types of merchants Herb suggests would be a natural fit. Lawn furniture could even fit in there one day, etc.

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    Hi plant! What region are you writing for? You may be able to get some search engine ranking because the region is very niche but if you use the correct keywords it could cross rank well.

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