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Thread: Prosperent Performance Ad update 7/31/13

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    Prosperent Performance Ad update 7/31/13
    We pushed out a big update today that gives our ads some intelligence. Before, we basically checked your content and tried to make a best guess at what the page was about. If we got it right, the ads were great, if we got it wrong, not so much.

    Now, our ads use some advanced natural language processing to come up with a list of concepts and keywords for each page on your site. Our system then split tests these different phrases and different merchants until it comes up with the highest converting combination for a particular page. In other words, our ads now have the ability to learn over time.

    We have more detail over here: BIG Performance Ad update today!!

    We would love feedback, both good and especially bad.

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    Met Michael Christensen your president at AvantExpo this week. He showed me how some of your ads worked and why they convert so well. Smart technology!

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