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Thread: [LS] - Drinking Water, Filters, tap water solutions, & Replacements!

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    [LS] - Drinking Water, Filters, tap water solutions, & Replacements!

    Aquasana has teamed up with! - Drinking Water Filters for Countertop and Under Sink.

    Aquasana is a leading maker of water filtration systems for the home. Highly regarded for its selective approach to water filtration, Aquasana offers a diverse set of award-winning products certified and proven to produce a pure and healthy water supply throughout the home, promoting ‘whole body’ water wellness.

    What sets them apart?
    1. Average Order Value is $129
    2. Earn $80 per hundred clicks
    3. NSF Certified to reduce over 60 contaminants including >97% of chlorine and chloramines.
    4. Our filters provide clean filtered water for only 2 cents or less a serving!

    Program Details:
    Commission Rate: 10%
    Cookie Duration: 30 days
    Network: LinkShare

    Sign up here: Affiliate Program on LinkShare Sign Up
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