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Here are the key pieces that we worked on last month:

Meet Affiliate Window at ASE 2013

Affiliate Summit East 2013 is taking place August 18-20, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA and our team will be in attendance. Stop by our meet market table #128 on Sunday and conference room #115-C on Monday and Tuesday.

July Strategy Newsletter

We are always striving to ensure that our partners have access to detailed strategy updates from across the performance marketing industry, and our vocal strategy team is constantly working on adding to their monthly newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to their round-up of valuable knowledge-pieces, and recommendations, please sign up.

Make the most of Summer with Affiliate Window’s Ticketing Programs!

Summertime is here and there is no better time of the year to enjoy your favorite band or sports team! Publishers in the entertainment/ticketing space have a large selection of top ticketing programs to choose from on Affiliate Window including Ticketmaster,, PrimeSport and TicketsNow!

Get all of your End of Summer & Back to School Promotions here!

Summer isn’t over yet, but school is around the corner and it’s time to stock up on the essentials! Get your college laptop from The Source Electronics. Outfit your entire family for the fall season with Joules, Accessorize, Skechers and more! Find stylish new glasses at GlassesUSA and stock up on school supplies from Discount Office Items. Whatever your needs are this academic season, our advertisers have it covered. Drive sales using these great deals to earn big! Or simply download this feed of all relevant deals and tracking links.

The Monthly Digest: Issue 1

In Affiliate Window’s first installment of The Monthly Digest, we roundup one of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

Publisher Spotlight: Prosperent

Prosperent builds the tools and provides the data necessary for publishers to make more money on their traffic. Founded in 2009, the company is one of the fastest growing performance advertising networks, serving up millions of ad impressions per day.

Dial M for mobile

One of the hottest mobile commerce topics at the 2013 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition last month was responsive web design. That's the technique that enables a retailer to use one set of web content and one code base to render a single site differently to match any device's screen size and shape. It's the alternative to building an m-commerce site for smartphones and a tablet-optimized site, in addition to a conventional site for consumers using personal computers.

TheHub: Our Essential Publisher Portal

If you’re not familiar with TheHub, our publisher portal, we encourage you to check it out and bookmark it today! TheHub is another great way for our publishers and advertisers to communicate with transparency, keeping our publishers up to date on Affiliate Window program launches, updates and promotions! Our advertisers and account managers actively keep TheHub current with everything you’ll need to know to run a successful affiliate campaign!

Program of the Month Opportunity on TheHub

Any advertiser with a strong publisher offer or incentive that is valid for at least a month is eligible to request the Program of the Month section on TheHub homepage. If interested, please get in touch. If you are a publisher, don’t miss this month’s merchant feature.

Publisher Spotlight: Kiosked

We are excited to partner with Kiosked who enables advertisers and publishers to create contextual storefronts out of visual content (images, videos & applications), enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Mobile Ticketing in the Performance Channel

Mobile commerce has experienced incredible growth over the past few years. As a network we are now seeing a staggering one in every five clicks originating from a mobile device. With consumers regularly turning to mobile in order to access the internet, there have been significant opportunities to capitalize on the growth trend.

The Affiliate Window payment system

Now US publishers working with UK advertisers can be paid via direct deposit. The Affiliate Window payment system now accepts a US publisher’s bank routing number and account number, enabling ACH payment. The new functionality enables publishers to be paid quickly for their UK advertiser sales without having to find a bank that accepts international wire transfers, or pay the fees frequently charged by banks for that service. Since Affiliate Window has hundreds of UK advertisers that ship to the US, this is a huge opportunity for US publishers to add new advertisers to their websites without payment concerns or delays.

Legislative Update – July 2013

Amazon and combined forces by filing an application to petition to be heard before the US Supreme Court on the Affiliate Tax issue. This includes hiring powerful attorney Ted Olson, who recently won the legalization of gay marriage in front of the Supreme Court. This has delayed consideration of the Marketplace Fairness Act in the House indefinitely. Meanwhile, additional media sources are concerned about the bill’s impact on smaller businesses.

Tax collection began July 1 in Minnesota, but Amazon had already severed ties with all publishers in that state. Though tax legislation passed in Ohio, Gov. John Kasich vetoed it. The tax will go into effect in Missouri on August 28th. Although the Governor had vetoed the original legislation, the language was attached to a larger bill which included a variety of unrelated items, and passed without hearing or debate.

New Program Launches

We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed US and CA advertisers on our network:

5467 Vanity Row (US)

5536 (US & CA)

5535 (US & CA)

5372 Universal Poster (US)

5084 Bench (US)

5476 FingerHut (US)

5477 ProFlowers (US)

5427 US

4998 Hotels Click (US)

Keep up to date with the hot topics being debated within performance marketing and all the goings on at the Affiliate Window headquarters by reading our monthly wrap ups each month. See you next time.

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