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Why video creators need to think mobile

“The fastest way to start an argument is to make blanket statements. Just try to dispute this: People love video. They consume it like mad across multiple devices. This trend hasn’t come close to peaking, which presents brand marketers with the challenge of engaging their audience wherever these folks are and on whatever device.”

Cross-Border Online Shopping: The Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

“Paypal just released a new report for Nielsen that looks at today’s cross-border selling as a modern version of the old Spice Routes – bringing culture and commerce to all parts of the globe. They analyzed activity in six major markets and found that there are 94 million consumers who regularly buy directly from an overseas vendor. They say those deals will add up to $105 billion US dollars. They expect this number to rise to US$307 billion with 130 million cross-border online shoppers by 2018.”

Canadians to retailers: Please send mobile promotions

“58% of Canadian smartphone owners would like personalized mobile offers, SAS finds. Canadians say they would buy more if presented with promotional offers on their smartphones while out shopping, a new survey finds.”

The Power of Keeping a Promise

“Your relationship with your customers is in some ways no different from your relationships with your friends or family. They hold you to your word and expect you to keep your promises, whether you’re aware you made one or not.”

How Will Google Glass Change Social Media?

“There is no doubt that Social Media is taking the center stage in digital marketing. The latest but exciting entrant into the world of digital marketing and social media world is the Google Glass, which has already created a buzz all over.”

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