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    Looking for website templates that are google adsense friendly?
    Hello everyone,

    I am building a few websites, and I have been looking online for a few quality templates that are designed to increase clicks on my ads.

    I think I came into the right place for that..

    Thank you

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    Have you checked these out?

    also check out for great themes.

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    When you say "website template" do you actually mean blog template?

    They are all AdSense friendly.
    To put an AdSense ad on a site, you just need a few lines of code on your website and that is it--you are good to go. It is very easy to include these ads on a Blogger blog. Most WordPress themes are for two or three columns, allowing room for ads. Even a regular, non-blog, website can be done easy enough.

    However, getting enough traffic to make some earnings, that is another task entirely. Good luck!

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