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    Am I a Dinosaur?
    I am starting to feel really old, I still prefer building html sites, I can customize them to my hearts content, way less bandwidth and headaches than wordpress and rarely hacked.. I have a few wordpress sites but I prefer html sites most of the time..
    Am I a dinosaur or do some of you still make html sites as well..?

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    My largest sites are HTML. Began using PHP features when we began adding data feed sections to some of them a few years back. But I also have several Wordpress sites - just not as large or complex. I earn a few bucks from each type.

    However, chronologically, I'm closer to being a dinosaur than most folks here.
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    I don't think interest in html makes one a dinosaur but it is a good
    idea to keep up with the latest advancements

    You might look into HTML5 & Responsive Layouts

    .net Magazine online has great web design/development tutorials
    Web design tutorials, web development and programming tutorials | .net

    I think a mix of html sites & a blog is a good thing
    If everything in HTML works for you, then great
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    My sister happens to run a site in basic html and when it comes to traffic, her results are spectacular. She rotates a set of static pages, and her readers love it. Nothing fancy, no special effects.

    Unfortunately, for those of us affiliate marketing, we have been forced to upgrade technology over time (in order to publish faster, automate tasks, etc).. but I do miss the days of my first html site. Life was so simple back then.

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    You're not a dinosaur at all I prefer the html sites as well. Learning the css to go along with it but definitely prefer the html to wordpress, etc. (do have some php pages too with Avant Link datafeeds but most is just plain ole html.

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    The biggest issue with html is updating affiliate links and such should a merchant change networks or a product become unavailable. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that make that process dynamic these days.

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    The biggest issue with html is updating affiliate links and such should a merchant change networks or a product become unavailable. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that make that process dynamic these days.
    We know... that wasn't really the question..

    As a sidebar, I was just reviewing some client technology - a simple Wordpress site on the surface (only 7 pages), but the source code was ridiculous. Loading all sorts of scripts that came with the template... a huge mess.

    Building from the ground-up still holds real appeal for me - it takes real css skills, but might not be a bad experiment (ie. relaunch an old domain).

    Who knows.. maybe "old" will be the new "new"..???

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    what works for you is the important thing. As long as you can update links when needed then there the more unique it is the better.
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    I've been doing this full time since 2009 and I still make my sites using tables. I color the links using css locally, I can't be doing with this external file sheet poo. I often have wordpress blogs attached to my sites and I'm able to modify them to fit in with the theme of the rest of the site. Even with the wordpress blogs I often use tables in an individual post. I find tables have always been flexible enough for me.

    I'd love to post examples but I don't want to give away my little network.

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    I have been working on my main site (about 625 pages) since 1999 with only HTML and WordPad. A few other tools help, like Alias Find & Replace, to edit multiple pages. Integration of data feed product displays (Avantlink, Goldencan) helps a lot, too. I started out with an HTML book and lots of time to play.

    Funny thing is I just completed a new 50 page site for my main business as an environmental designer, mostly designing custom homes. I remember buying an AutoCad textbook and reading it on my lap while drafting my first set of digital plans. Wow, no more s and erasers!

    In either case, I feel that I'm in full control of my medium when I build from scratch. Secret to longevity - never stop learning.

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    The main appeal of using a CMS like Wordpress is separation of content and design. If you hard-code all of your content within a HTML structure and later decide you need to change or add something, it could turn into a huge headache if you have 20+ pages.

    That said, if you use semantic HTML5 and your content is unlikely to change, it's possible to properly separate content and design through CSS alone. A great example of this is CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design –*every design on this site is using the same HTML base, and controlling its design through its stylesheet alone.

    I use Wordpress 90% of the time when setting up a new site, simply because a) I can pick up a template for $30 - $50 and customize it through a child theme instead of starting from scratch, b) if I do decide to change the HTML on the site (say, to add something to the sidebar, or embed an ad within a post), I only need to change one file instead of 300, and c) if it's a client site, they can safely update the content without breaking the site.

    I will instead opt for a static HTML site (well, aside from using PHP includes to share a common header and footer) if a) it's a custom design I'm building from scratch, so I won't benefit from using a theme, and b) the site is only a few pages, the content is unlikely to change, and I will be the only one editing it. In that case, it's not worth spending the couple hours it will take me to adapt the site into a Wordpress theme, but I always have the option of converting the site later down the line if I decide to add more content.

    I would still recommend using PHP includes or an equivalent solution, so you can embed the same common code on every page or include dynamic content. For example, <?php include('header.php'); ?> goes at the top of every content page, and then header.php contains all of the common code for your banner, navigation, etc. Makes it much simpler if you decide to add a link or change the banner on the site.
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    I use both. I like php sites for creating fast loading landing pages and use wordpress when it's more of a long term authority site I'm shooting for.

    I use php so that replacing affiliate links is as easy as changing a link in a text file on the site.

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    I much prefer HTML over programming, mainly because I like to tinker with sites and if everything is done in php etc then I never know if I'll accidentally break something when i change something!! That said as mentioned above, updating links can be a real pain in the butt when I need a mass of them done site wide... the new amwso site should be live sometime this month.... however this one is tinker proof as I know if I touch the html it'll all fall to pieces but it's been done using a custom wordpress system so hopefully should be nice and easy to update....I hope
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