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    By the way, someone at Commission Junction is maintaining a very good, chronological history of affiliate nexus legislative action in a PDF document. It's the best source I have found monitoring relevant (e.g. threatening) nexus activity.

    It is here:

    or hotlinked on the RHS here:
    Affiliate Nexus Tax | Commission Junction US

    I'm not sure what happened with PMA, but they don't appear to be maintaining their public list of "at risk" states any longer.

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    Thanks for posting this isellstuff, made it a free standing thread and sticky.

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    Hey guys,
    I am VERY new to this site, and I came here because I stumbled upon the tax law somewhere and googled it, that's how I found this forum. I live in NC and I wanted to start a passive income and grow on that. I've read many pages of threads here and it's overwhelming to me. Hell, I'm new to all of the affiliate marketing jargon, (it's all mind blowing!!!) and I want to know if I am even able to become an affiliate here in NC. Can you point me in the direction I need to go to find the answers I need before I spend any more money to do something that will cost me even more money in the long haul.

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    When you apply to a program as an affiliate send an email to the affiliate manager indicating you are in NC and do they have any issues with the nexus. That way you don't get a surprise later. I can tell you that Amazon does not work with NC to my knowledge but its worth asking them if you are looking at joining.

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    ncaffiliate001, while many merchants are unavailable to affiliates in nexus states, depriving affiliate of more choices and generally better commission structures, there still are a wealth of merchants available in any state - including national companies with brickNmortar stores in your state (the Targets, Walmarts, BestBuys, HomeDepots, Macys, Sears, etc.) which were already collecting sales taxes on internet sales and are unaffected by nexus laws.

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