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    Cannot find Original Order based on OrderID
    Decided to check "non-commissionable sales" in LS and saw 9 non-commissionable sales from one merchant in July/Aug. It seems that 4 of them were recently credited back, but with a special "discount," more than their coupon code I have posted on my site.

    The reason given was "Cannot find Original Order based on OrderID." I'm writing to the merchant about this, but in the meantime, was wondering if anyone else (want the ABW POV ) can shed some light on this.
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    See it all the time on LS

    Rack it up to bad tracking on the Merchant, Linkshare, or both...
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    Most of the times i need to lookup an order, i have to go back and check all sales for this advertiser on a specific month ( if not through the whole year ).

    LS need to fix their reporting tool, if you using their api, you will be shocked how orders go missing because one order is broken into a hundred piece.

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