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    I have no plans to do this, but what are your opinions on retrieving user comments about a product of a merchant and including those comments on an affiliates site. I don't think there are copyright issues since the comments 'copyright' is really owned by the person commenting and they gave the comments to the public domain.

    If an affiliate was to start their own comment listing on their page it seems easier to start out with comments than a blank comment listing.

    Anyway what are your thoughts on such a thing?
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    Don't use merchant product reviews - use your own visitors' comments.

    We actually allow folks to review products. They go into moderation. If it's not spam we approve it.

    We also don't let the bots crawl our product review pages. It's not for the Google to use as It pleases - it's for OUR readers. We build for them to use...

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    I've asked several affiliates and merchants if they ever share comments. Haven't heard a resounding yes. I will tell you I see merchants adding comments later in their eCommerce/Online Marketing build out. Amazon is the model and has the highest conversion.

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    You should try and get your own users comments/testimonials/reviews, that way they are completely original.

    I do understand you don't want to leave blank spots in the comments section, but that might be better than comments that were meant for another website.

    Hope you figure out a solution though.

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