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    Unhappy Help with WordPress Blog Visitor Stats
    For about three years, I've used the Statpress Visitors plugin and Awstats (through CPanel) to keep track of traffic on my Wordpress blogs. Their numbers have been close to identical all along.

    A few days ago, I did an update to Statpress 1.5.4 on one blog, and traffic reporting virtually stopped, according to them. It is over a week now, and their stats show about a 75% decrease in daily traffic, and my RSS traffic has been zero most days.

    My Awstats stats show no change whatsoever.

    After I saw all this, I searched for a new stat plugin, and found Statcounter. I activated it, and it shows traffic on a par with Statpress, about 25% of what I continue to show on Awstats.

    I did the same downloads on a second blog, and the results are the same: The updated Statpress and Stcounter showing about a 75% drop in daily traffic, but no change in Awstats.

    Any experiences like this or any thoughts?

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    I tried Statpress too but it showed me wrong data, too much visitors compared to Google Analytics and Clicky stats. I also tried many other plugins but they lied as well. The only accurate one I'm using now is WP Slimstat.

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