Todd, if I understand CJ's reporting correctly, a sale is posted on the date it first occurs, and on that day's transaction report, where it adds to that day's grand totals. If the status of that sale changes on the second day, the transaction is posted again and adds to the second day's grand totals also.

Someone who gauges the current day's evolving sales success on the grand totals taken from the transaction report will get a distorted picture.

To help avoid this distortion, would it be possible for CJ to highlight transactions when the event date is not the same as today's date, perhaps in some color like green (except the reversals and payouts should remain red). This way, one can at least mentally not include them in today's sales when viewing today's transaction report for a quick real-time snapshot of the day's sales successes.

I understand one can identify these re-posted transactions by looking at the event and posting dates on the transaction report but it's am eyestrain chore that could be avoided with some simple color coding.