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    Exclamation Need some help- How to find good affiliate on ShareASale?

    I own a wedding dresses and women clothing company. I joined ShareASale as a merchant. But finding good affiliates is too much difficult! Many of them are coupon website. If I find the affiliate from outside, for example I search "the top 100 wedding blog", I find them not to be an affiliate. I try to persuade them to join but no one want to join. They say they have bad experience in being an affiliate as they get little money from it.

    Anyone has the same question? Anyone can help? Thank you very much if you can help me!

    Sara Depp
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    Take some time to read this sub forum as this has been discussed before. Also contact these to see what they would charge to get you started: Outsourced Program Managers - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

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    As a small business owner, one of the last things you have time to do is search and recruit affiliates to your business, then manage that program. It takes much more than just putting your info out there and expecting affiliates to join en masse and start promoting your company.

    In your case it will help you to talk with OPM's like the ones Chuck linked to. The OPM's have the expertise to tell if you if affiliate marketing is right for your business, and they have established a relationship with those affiliates that can drive traffic and sales to your site.

    i would definitely suggest making a few phone calls to get a feel for what OPM's you would feel comfortable working with. If affiliate marketing is right for you, they help you and will consult you to find out if affiliate marketing is even right for your business. I think ShareASale also offers a managed-services program, where they have a person who helps oversee and manage your program.

    Good luck.
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    Chuck and Chris9771, thank you very much! It really helps!

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