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    I too have had poor sales with Pepperjam, and it's not even the feed issue.. it's some sort of tracking issue they have network wide. For me the worst networks are pepperjam & gan in terms of tracking. The worst feed is Avantlink. I suspect something is fishy with pepperjam and GAN I suspect incompetence.

    We should have the best and worst awards.

    Best Feeds:
    GAN, CJ

    Worst Feeds:
    Avantlink, Linkshare (Header and footer in feeds REALLY?)

    Worst ROI (Tracking issue):
    Pepperjam, Linkshare, GAN (when they were alive)

    Best Tracking:
    Avantlink(Yup), Shareasale, CJ, ebay

    Responsive support, but unwilling to really listen to affiliates:

    Suggestion for Avantlink: Add PIPE for delimiter (since tabs and commas are proven to be unreliable if you don't have error checking)

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    Add this as its a good suggestion for adding to the vote.

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