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Thread: Use WooCommerce?

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    Use WooCommerce?
    Use WooCommerce? Heard of SellFire or interested in finding a way to more easily work with datafeeds? If yes, spend 20-30 minutes telling us what you think and earn a $20 amazon gift card.

    We are looking to improve our SellFire WooCommerce plugin and need input - what features would be most helpful? where / how could the experience be improved?

    If you are interested please email us at

    We look forward to hearing from you & getting your feedback!

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    I just spoke with Emily over at Sellfire about using it with ShopperPress. SellFire is sincere about improving their service and listening to our feedback. I am impressed and very satisfied to be working with this company on my sites.

    While I'm not a WooCommerce user, I just wanted to share that you should really check out SellFire and offer them your feedback for using it with your WooCommerce site. It's worth your time and expertise.

    Sylvia Mayfield

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    Thanks for the kind words Sylvia! We are definitely dedicated to improving SellFire and would highly value all feedback.

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