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    Shoppers vote no on an online sales tax
    Interesting survey but never heard of the group so may be a PAC.

    Legal/Regulatory - Shoppers vote no on an online sales tax - Internet Retailer

    The Marketplace Fairness bill, which the Senate approved by a vote of 69 to 27 in May, is now before the House Judiciary Committee. A source close to the committee says it’s prepared to release details on a House version of the bill as early as next week. An aide for the committee declined today to confirm that, but noted that the committee is “examining all of the issues surrounding the collection of online sales tax and working on alternatives to the bill passed by the Senate.”

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    The National Taxpayer’s Union is an anti-tax organization that opposes pretty much all taxes and government spending. They are against the income tax, the inheritance tax, etc., oppose most forms of government regulation, and issue ratings of members of Congress on how well they follow these positions.

    The organization was founded by James Dale Davidson who made millions investing, took his money, and eventually fled to New Zealand. He wrote extensively in the 1990s about how the election of Bill Clinton would result in a major depression, a trillion-dollar national debt, and urban riots.

    It seems now that he has refused to pay taxes in New Zealand and his multi-million dollar home has been seized by the government. Apparently he's back living in Florida now.

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