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    Apparent Leaks -- Links to Craftsy
    I just found this page at -- a page of promotional material for classes at, complete with links to Craftsy's website.

    I thought I would ask affiliates if y'all are aware of this; these links seem problematic to me from an affiliate's standpoint. I mean, if you want to send your traffic to Craftsy, why not do so directly and earn commissions through Craftsy's affiliate program (which is not at CJ. Last I checked, it was through Shareasale.)

    I haven't done any due diligence to investigate whether these links from are commissionable to affiliates or not. Does anyone know?

    At any rate, if you're spending any significant time promoting Joann, it might be worthwhile for you to investigate. (I'm personally not spending much time trying to promote anymore, after having tried and failed. Which reminds me. I still have a few of their links hanging around that I have been meaning to take down.)

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    Does not look monetized with any SAS links. But it's worth letting them know its a huge leak.

    Good catch.

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    They have some sort of "partnership" going on. There is a "partner" javascript those links run through.

    Also, when you go through from JoAnn to Craftsy then there is a "Return to JoAnn" in the header of Craftsy that is not there when you go direct to Craftsy.

    Two-way leak...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Craftsy is managed by Acceleration Partners. Maybe contact them?
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