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    Not instilling confidence...
    ...when your site is down.

    Hard to expect/trust our traffic and any sales to be tracked.

    Just sayin'...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    It's been a little slow for me today (logged in from home office and then actual office), but I haven't had the site actually be down for me. Sorry to see you're having issues with it.
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    I just got in a few minutes ago. Slow, of course - but (unfortunately) I am used to that.

    I see a nice little sale from " (dba Shopping)" for $246 - that paid out $2.46. Hmmmmm. that looks like a 1% commission - and that, too, seems "par for the course" so I am in the process of removing all links.

    Edit: to add that I did not try earlier today. I did get in the first time I tried this evening - but the usual slow performance was noted.
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