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    The Smart watch
    I'm not sure if I am allowed to post this link... I'm sure the mods will pull this if I am not, lol I'm apologizing already,...

    I saw this report on smart watches and you know, I never thought to pass this on to affiliates to see if they could create a business from the emerging market, or even if Smart watches will be the next big thing, I am unsure. But hey its all research and this report is free

    In 2001 Japanese watchmaker, Citizen Watch, was collaborating with IBM on the WatchPad 1.5 device which featured a Linux 32-bit ARM processor, a speaker, microphone, hand movement sensor, Bluetooth and various PDA-like functions as reported by PCWorld Business Centre. The product was expected to be targeted at business users at a price of USD 399 but it never came to market.

    Microsoft developed Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) as a means of personalising household electronics and SPOT-based smart watches were released by watchmakers Suunto and Fossil in 2004, followed by models from Swatch and Tissot. The SPOT smart watches depended on a subscription to MSN Direct network services and data was accessible over FM radio waves. However, largely due to a high launch price tag of around USD 800 and poor battery life, SPOT smartwatches were discontinued in 2008.

    The rest of the report is here

    Go affiliates >>>
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