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Greeting from Banggood, LTD. Before we introduce our product, we would like to know: The popularity about Nitendo Products. Since I was studying in elementary school, I was playing NES which called FC in Japan Region. Later, Super NES, N64, Gamecube debuted. Currently, Wii & Wii U share part of Home Entertaining Console Market againsting with Sony & Microsoft. On the other hand, Nitendo leads Handheld Console Trend in a long term. Gameboy, Gameboy Advance & DS created epic sales miracyle.

We notice that there are plenty of Nintendo Hard Core Gamer in US. Did we consider such situation: if several components defected in a sudden, what should we do? Purchase same console for high cost or directly change components?

Currently, please allow us to introduce our new arrival:
LCD Screen Display Replacement for Nintendo 3DS XL
LCD Screen Display Replacement for Nintendo 3DS XL Free Shipping! - US$42.48

It is hardly avoid that 3DS bottom screen might come across such phenomenon:
1. dead pixels;
2. display problems;
3. cracked screen;
4. color issues;
5. other problems
If it happens unfortunately, we provide you simply LCD Screen as Replacement. It's brand new & high quality.

Remark: This is an aftermarket item & not licensed by Nintendo

We also have other components which is coming soon. We appreciate that you could kindly reply this thread & let us know your needs regarding game console's accessory & replacement.

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