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    Google bad publicity continues..
    The "jet fuel" deal new is nothing new (Google parking planes on publicly-owned land & buying cheap fuel), but I enjoyed this new investigative report, as it relates to "taking advantage of taxpayers money".

    Google Executives Globetrotting on Taxpayers' Dime | NBC Bay Area

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    I liked the comments after the article
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    For the record I'm Canadian (!), but should mention this deal has been in place since 2007

    NASA gives jet-setting Googlers the presidential treatment

    What burns me are the current loopholes in place to LOWER their tax rate, and yet they still get discounts on the the other side, ie. to SAVE money.

    Added: I really feel for small businesses (across the board) - when was the last time they were offered a discount, or tax relief? Rewarding the strong and easing up on their accountability does not bode well for the world economy.

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