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    January 18th, 2005
    Hello, I'm a new member, just signed up yesterday, and am having some trouble. I'm seeing my
    account ID number everywhere, but am having quite a lot of trouble
    finding my PID, which is apparently what I need to track my links. I
    know the instructions keep saying you can find your PID in "the CJ
    link", but that isn't very specific. I don't think it should be so
    difficult. It makes me feel like the program wants their members to
    create links that don't pay out. That's not good. But hopefully I'm just
    really spacy and the answer is right in front of me. I hope you can
    steer me in the right direction. Thanks,


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    When you get the HTML for any link, that pop-up will show you PID and AID. Another way to find out - the 1st number in the link URL right after 'qksrv-' is your PID.

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    The first 7-digit code in your links is your PID. If you compare one link each for 2 different merchants, you will see that the PID remains the same, but the merchant ID (AID) is different. If you have several websites in your account, you will have separate PID's for each as well.

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    Just to clarify (maybe!) The PID isn't always a 7 number digit.

    Typical CJ link:

    4570 is the PID and 20257 is the link ID


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    Correct. The AID is the Ad ID - it is unique for each ad. This means the same advetiser will have multiple AIDs.

    PIDs are unique for each website you register under your account. If you add a website, you will be offered the choice when getting links to choose which site you want to generate HTML for. This way if you put the same ad on two different websites, you can tell which ones are getting impressions, clicks and commissions.

    I hope this clears up an confusion.

    Todd Crawford
    Commission Junction

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