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Git Basics is a Treehouse course tailored to teach software development and design students how to use Git, the free and open-source-distributed version control system for managing complexity and keeping on track individual and team projects.

Version control systems are incredibly important in the software industry, and Git is one of the most popular of these systems. With collaborative revision control sites like GitHub, community members can build up their reputations and network through the sharing of their social coding skills - skills which can be learned at Treehouse!

Please send over your software development and design student-traffic to Treehouse where they can get their Git Basics and take exciting steps towards preparing for jobs in the software industry!

Thank you!

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Text Link: Software Development and Design Students: Get Your Git Basics at Treehouse - LEARN MORE!

<a href="http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=530670&u=UserID&m=43811&urllink=&afftrack=">Software Development and Design Students: Get Your Git Basics at Treehouse - LEARN MORE!</a>

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